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Highlighting this level is another Tom Hignite original design concept which breaks new barriers in family entertainment. The massive curved wet bar is curved so as to allow not only a stunning first impression, but is really laid-out so as many as 14 seated bar patrons can all have good views of the theatre screens, without looking into the person seated next to you.. Yes, this basement theatre has SCREENS, (with an S) three 9.5 feet wide screens to be precise, but we will get to that in a moment.

The bar top is a new Hignite style where two rounded tables are built into the bar to allow visitors to perhaps play a game of cards, or dice, or dine in a table-like, not bar-like, fashion. The two rounded built-in bar tables are made of a high-end yet economical laminate but the inner circles of the two table tops light-up due to the use of new translucent Corian materials from Hallmark building supplies and uniquely built by Milwaukee's own Midwest Tops. The glow is instantly elegant and has a sense of fun. Instead of the typical idea of placing wall cabinets and perhaps a refrigerator behind the bar for the main view form the bar stools, this bar attempted to put patio doors and views for the seated bar patrons to view. Behind the big wall framed picture you see in the illustration, there is another Miracle "invention" of hiding a 55 inch flat television which can only be seen from the outside patio area which is just outside this exposed basement. The speakers for this indoor mounted, outdoor television are mounted on the exterior walls as well as being surround-sounded into various landscape rock speakers. There is even a rock shaped sub-woofer base speaker! Now you could bring your favorite music video to your next patio party or simply watch television on the patio.

You will also notice that there are two sets of patio doors which enter and exit behind the bar area, to the patio. One set is most convenient to visitors and the other patio door is meant for ease of cooking. This patio door leads from an outside cooking/grill area to just a few quick step into the bar area to easily reach the under-counter refrigerators or the bar's sink, or to serve the food spread out quickly onto the main bar area.

Other areas in this lower level include a nice sized room for either exercise equipment or, as in the Parade version, a free-play video arcade room for the younger (and older) kids. There is a great new visual idea Miracle developed for the basement vanity where it looks like all countertop and not a vanity in sight. You will have to see this to understand the sleek new concept which uses ordinary materials to give an extraordinary new look. There is a guest bedroom which will display plenty of Disney Fine Art which is for retail sale during the Parade and through this home's September 28 final closing day. You won't find art like this outside of the Disney theme parks themselves.

The talk of the house is sure to be Miracle's newest "invention" a theatre which has 28.5 feet of continuous image projected across THREE movie wide-screens. Dubbed the Miracle "Triple Screen" you could watch a trilogy of movies all at one time, OR you could watch three sport games (one volume turned-up at a time), or you could watch the first home movies that your guests will actually ask you to see. Miracle has constructed a simple and portable Sony camera platform where you can shoot using three cameras to literally surround your audience into the action with screens on three sides! Imagine seeing how it feels to take this camera on to a thrill ride at Disney World, or perhaps put the rig out of your sunroof as you travel down the strip in Vegas. If all goes per plan, we will be unveiling action like this during our World Premiere of this Triple-Screen theatre at the Parade and through September 28.

Lastly, the basement was designed to show visitors that you really don’t need a taller basement to have a great basement. By paying closer attention to where the mechanicals are placed, this basement ceiling height is a traditional 8 feet tall yet feels very spacious. There is even a raised round platform which will feature a baby grand player piano proving that you can even step-up three steps onto a raised stage ( which normally allows a poker-sized table to view the screens over the bar patrons), all in a standard 8 foot height.


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