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 Mi-Pad Two Story

Simplifying your lifestyle, escaping the bonds of the rat race, or deciding just how little it really takes to live a full and satisfying life is where Mi-Pad™ began. It grew to an obsession of lead Miracle "imaginator" Tom Hignite.

After designing many of Wisconsin's grandest homes, I became intrigued with the notion of how much, or how little, is really enough" said Hignite. The question seems even more important today as multitudes of financially burdened Americans have their hopes of breaking the renting cycle. Often, first homes are not new homes but rather inexpensive used/existing properties. The appeal of buying "new" has not been an option until now.

Make no mistake, despite their modest size, these cutting-edge layouts, fine detailing, energy efficiencies, and world class quality will rival any other custom home.

The Mi-Pad ranch uses dramatic Cathedral Vaults and tall ceilings to create more space. Variations and customizations are endless

Mi-Pad monthly payments are similar to rent fees. These ultra-cool fashionable homes also make ideal move-down or vacation homes. Simplify!

The Mi-Pad 2-story may be optioned to include an attic storage/play loft. The 2 secondary sleeping "cabins" can be built as one larger bedroom with private bath. In this case the master bath can be greatly expanded.

  • Base Versions of these Homes start in the low $200,000s (ask for latest prices)
  • Deluxe Mi-Pad Versions include many built -in furnishings
  • Energy-Star and Green -built principles used throughout
  • Customizing Available contact (262)628-9091
  • Mi-Pad™ is copyrighted by Miracle Builders 262-628-9091

Both Mi-Pads are 26.5 feet in width. This allows them to fit onto narrow lots. Two other Mi-Pad designs will be available soon.

Also see newer Mi-Pad 2.0 2-Story

Raw Unscripted Video Home Tour: Mi Pad 2

Raw Unscripted Video Home Tour: MiPad 2.0 Two-Story


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2nd Floor

1st Floor

Lower Level

Mi-Pad Two Story Photos
  • Mi-Pad

    As seen on ABC television's Good Morning America, talked about on Clark Howard's national radio talk show and in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the country. Mi-Pad homes are America's Next New Home. From the design board of Tom Hignite, this is Miracle HomeBuilders 2-story model in Mount Pleasant Wisconsin. Seen here, the motif seems to be a mix of tradition and new-age metro.

  • Mi-Pad

    At around 1090 square feet, you might not imagine a great room or kitchen of this large size. With a base package price of $89,000, the list of upgrades and options could escalate the price. While the base package includes a very complete (floor coverings, cabinets, lighting, paint, fireplace, dishwasher, mirrors, towel bars, etc) home, the model tries to show extensive options. One such option is seen in this kitchen's taller 42 inch wall cabinets. Mi-Pad designer Tom Hignite brought the cabinet closer to the countertops for easier reaching of shelves. This was accomplished by pushing the wall cabinets into the walls so counter space is maximized even with lower wall cabinets. Note how some base cabinets (near the corner lazy susan) were also pushed into the wall so the chef can get closer to the harder-to-reach upper cabinets (nearest the window). To the left, a touch of mansion-like charm was added in a stair wall with an inset panel. To the far right, you can see part of a unique spice shelf built into a wall alcove, over the stove.

  • Mi-Pad

    A view to the "Mi-Pad Two" kitchen pantry area. You might not expect to see such a large wall of storage space in such a modest home. The tall cabinet to the right is a deeper hanging "locker" for hanging coats from the garage entry (far right). You can also view a glimpse of the powder room. Here you see an upgraded curved-top granite vanity. The wall behind the vanity is also curved. The basement stairs are immediately to the (off camera) right of the garage–to-the-house door for easy access to the basement from the garage.

  • Mi-Pad

    A photo from the kitchen sink puts a great view of windows, guests and television into easy view. The solid surface Corian tops are square edged to carry a more contemporary look. The mini-island in the foreground/left is a great two-person snack bar or buffet, or computer desk. A 2-bin recycler cabinet is below. Note the unique curved wood end panel to the sink. This curved panel idea was used in other kitchen cabinet areas too.

  • Mi-Pad

    As you enter the front door, this dining area and large tall windows are your first view. The feeling of largeness is enhanced by placing such large glass into an immediate view. While this area is not rounded in the base package, the curved cabinet to the left is actually the media components for the great room television. The curved smaller cabinet to the right is a DVD storage cabinet. An array of 4 optional, 9 foot curved track lights, carry the rooms lighting unity. The hardwood/plywood floors are hand chiseled rustic elm. A standard round top table was "customized" by placing a slightly larger round Corian top onto the table. The kitchen Corian matches the table top color. Note how the window grids in the center (which carries through both upper and lower panes) and uses 2 narrower vertical grids on only the upper sash.

  • Mi-Pad

    Another view of the dining area and curved cabinetry. Note how the curved countertops drop low to become a decorative window sill, wide enough to place plants.

  • Mi-Pad

    The reverse view of the great room of the (approx) 1090 square foot "Mi-Pad Two" reveals a decorator alcove in the optional cathedral ceiling. This view also shows the relation/placement of dinette to the great room. You can see how the dinette could handle an extended table with 6 chairs if desired. You can also see how a long (nearly) 9 foot blank wall provides enough wall space, enough to accommodate huge framed wall art. Considering the many windows that surround the great room finding large open wall spaces like this is a welcome asset to any decorator. This photo also shows the kitchen refrigerator having an alcove behind it so that it does not hang out so far in front of the cabinets. Note the free-form curved ceiling sofit that visually connects the refrigerator area the the pantry area, then to the island area.

  • Mi-Pad

    Another view into the "Mi-Pad Two" Great room. A modest sized home does not mean you must accept modest sized furnishings. The couches and recliner in this great room are "over-stuffed" large sized pieces.

  • Mi-Pad

    This view of the Great Room reveals another way to make a modest sized home feel larger. The stairs were widened an extra 6 inches to give a sense of largeness to this focal point. Also, near the foyer, you can see the side of the front foyer's hanging "locker" cabinet. Note how the large wall space was provided for either a 5'6" hutch, bookcase or even an upright piano.

  • Mi-Pad

    This direct view of the Great Room reveals the taller ceiling's optional tile fireplace front which extends upward, beyond the double-tiered mantle. Viewing the television (32" shown) or fireplace is a natural, as is the abundant daylight surrounding the room. The single window to the right is optional. The dramatic curved ceiling inset for the available cathedral ceiling, along with the curved track light build-down really make a bold architectural statement. The multi-colored square pattern carpet further carries the metro/traditional motif.

  • Mi-Pad

    Coming upstairs a laundry closet with window (you can barely see the edge of the bi-fold opening doors to this room) is within easy access to the 3 bedrooms/cabins. You can see the cabin to the left (designed using cruise ship architecture) has a built-in queen bed and the cabin to the right has built-in twin bunks. Both cabins have lots of built-in drawers, book shelves and dressers. The windows are placed over each bed for a unique sleeping view to sun and stars (the next best thing to sleeping outdoors). If you option a taller upper ceiling area, you can add a wonderful, large (12'x11' approx) children's play loft. This loft was built with a daylight window and is accessible through the top bunk bed. The headroom was built at about 4 1/2 feet in the center.

  • Mi-Pad

    Before we show you a cruise ship inspired "cabin", let's start "big" with this (optional) vault ceiling Master "Stateroom". One space expanding concept was to use wasted space directly over the staircase, as visual space. The multi-tiered area above the stairs is shown here is used as a television mantle shelf (this could have an optional 2-sided fireplace in this space), a Corian topped sitting bench, and as a tall plant/decorating shelf. Our fluorescent round wall sconces add nautical flair and are spread visually over the 7-foot long (2-sided) huge walk-in closet. By not touching the closet wall to the ceiling, the bedroom feels even larger. The mantle-like tops on the decorator shelves are built-out drywall. There is space enough for a queen/king bed, 2 night stands, 6-foot dresser, and the Master Bath is by the entry foyer.

  • Mi-Pad Exteriors

    Here is a photograph of our first 2 Mi-Pad homes in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. They were built on 2 very typical sized urban lots. This city's many 40 foot wide by 120 foot deep lots usually demand backyard garages with alley access. The lots, (platted in the year 1910) had side yard minimum set-backs that required the homes be designed at only 26.5 feet width. Since these homes were designed for move-up families who may currently be renting and don't have a garage, the over-sized one car garage is not an obstacle. For those who have wider lots, a 2 or even 3 car garage is available. Each lot has a wider 9.5 feet side yards with drive access to an additional backyard garage.

  • Mi-Pad Exteriors

    The "Mi-Pad Two", front view shows the upgraded urban cottage exterior. Ornate detailing includes a wing-wall with coach lamp, peaked garage door topper and lots of décor brackets. The medium gray accent color, weathered wood color shingles and wide white trim were used on the neighboring Mi-Pad to give a sense of unity to the two homes. The bright yellow contrasts well with the Mi-Pad neighbor's bright blue to give each home its own unique identity. Take special note of the 2 narrow upper windows. If you relate their look to the wider lower windows, you will see something looks similar. In the wider lower windows, we added a single vertical wide grid into the center of the glass panes. Then two narrower vertical grids were added to the upper sashes. The effect is to make the large windows appear to be a double version of the narrow upper windows.


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