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 Mi-Pad One Story

implifying your lifestyle, escaping the bonds of the rat race, or deciding just how little it really takes to live a full and satisfying life is where Mi-Pad™ began. It grew to an obsession of lead Miracle "imaginator" Tom Hignite.

After designing many of Wisconsin's grandest homes, I became intrigued with the notion of how much, or how little, is really enough" said Hignite. The question seems even more important today as multitudes of financially burdened Americans have their hopes of breaking the renting cycle. Often, first homes are not new homes but rather inexpensive used/existing properties. The appeal of buying "new" has not been an option until now.

Make no mistake, despite their modest size, these cutting-edge layouts, fine detailing, energy efficiencies, and world class quality will rival any other custom home.

The Mi-Pad ranch uses dramatic Cathedral Vaults and tall ceilings to create more space. Variations and customizations are endless

Mi-Pad monthly payments are similar to rent fees. These ultra-cool fashionable homes also make ideal move-down or vacation homes. Simplify!

  • Base Versions of these Homes start in the low $200,000s (ask for latest prices)
  • Deluxe Mi-Pad Versions include many built -in furnishings
  • Energy-Star and Green -built principles used throughout
  • Customizing Available contact (262)628-9091
  • Mi-Pad™ is copyrighted by Miracle Builders 262-628-9091

Both Mi-Pads are 26.5 feet in width. This allows them to fit onto narrow lots. Two other Mi-Pad designs will be available soon.

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Raw Unscripted Video Home Tour: Mi Pad 1

Raw Unscripted Video MiPad 2.0 Lofted Ranch


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1st Floor

2nd Floor

Mi-Pad Two Story Photos
  • Mi-Pad Exteriors

    Here is a photograph of our first 2 Mi-Pad homes in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. They were built on 2 very typical sized urban lots. This city's many 40 foot wide by 120 foot deep lots usually demand backyard garages with alley access. The lots, (platted in the year 1910) had side yard minimum set-backs that required the homes be designed at only 26.5 feet width. Since these homes were designed for move-up families who may currently be renting and don't have a garage, the over-sized one car garage is not an obstacle. For those who have wider lots, a 2 or even 3 car garage is available. Each lot has a wider 9.5 feet side yards with drive access to an additional backyard garage.

  • The "Mi-Pad One" deluxe front exterior

    The upgraded dormer on the "apparent" second floor of this ranch is actually a tall ceiling w/skylight effect for the front guest bedroom. The multi-pillar effect across the front really extends unity from garage to porch to window areas. In this view you can see something unusual relating to the concrete driveway. Instead of using common straight/boxed expansion joints, the art involved using curved joints that visually flow into the landscaping. Note how the circle shape from the tree plant bed is formed into the concrete as well. This community would not allow concrete within 5 feet of a lot line. Since we want to drive vehicles to the backyard, a 3 foot wide stone path was employed so vehicle's wheels drive on the concrete walk (next to the home) and the stone. The centerline patch of grass is never touched by the vehicle. Old world effect is enhanced using cast iron harp-style lamp posts.

  • The right/front of Mi-Pad One

    The very long right side of the home is broken up by the gray 3 inch wide siding panels across the bottom and the blue 5 inch wide siding panels on top. Placing a large roof gable centered on this side also adds interest. This is a good view of the privacy fence which is within inches of the lot line. Care was taken in making sure that privacy was optimized so no window looks into the neighbor's windows. This meant using tall evergreen shrubs and fences. This divider fence has 3 lights to help vehicle traffic visibility on both sides of the fence. Note how these 3 lights are designed to reflect downward so as not to brighten the two-story's upper bedroom windows.

  • A back view of the left side of the Mi-Pad One, upgraded exterior.

    This long side is visually broken up by a striking tall center gable peak. This bank of 5 square windows brings a lighthouse effect over the kitchen cabinet tops. Again you can see how well placed landscaping and fence sections can give great privacy to a narrow (40 foot total width) urban lot. The backyard has a 12 by 14 foot patio, a sizable planter bed with tree, and (partially seen here) a concrete foundation pad for a backyard (future) garage.

  • The back (rear) view of the Mi-Pad One

    The optional hip sloped roofline comes standard with a straight, taller, gable peak. To add more space to the great room and not hinder furnishings, the back door swings outward. To allow this, a back concrete stoop was added. Again, see how an array of color fields and shapes combine to create eye appeal across the back of the home. Note how the lesser height rear window is made to look the same height as the other windows (on the side of the home) by employing the use of a blank framed panel below this shorter window.


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