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Kinsey Bay     

The Lake Bay was designed as Miracle's First "little-Big" house and uses an array of unique shapes to fit a tremendous level of living space in it's compact 1.600 square foot framework.  This home was Miracle's first to introduce the story and a half tall rear wall of windows. Notice how the use of angles allows a small triangular sitting place in the foyer. The angles have a special wall area which puts your dining room hutch facing directly at the foyer from across the room which seemingly "invites" you into the home. The triangular shaped master has a small entry foyer allowing a spouse to use a dresser , bathroom and closet without entering the sleeping area, or awaking the other spouse.

There are two master walk-in closets in a 1600 sqare foot ranch!

There is a wonderful built-in 7 foot long computer desk that is semi-private with loads of file drawers and cabinets. This makes the bedroom hallway double as a small study area. You can use a desk computer and still look up to see a perfect view of the great room's television  thanks to an ingenious wall opening over the desk which is open yet still affords visual privacy to the desk from the great room.

The basement was conceived to be the perfect finished arrangement making a finished basement possible without needing to move mechanicals or beams.

Note the audio-video alcove hidden away under the display platform near the desk area.

With a dining area very suitably sized for up to 10(it is nearly 17 feet long), a curved kitchen counter suitable to seat 8, and 3 couch areas, the great room could seat up to 27 . Truly, this has earned the Miracle heading of bing a true   'Little-Big house '.

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Lake Bay Floor Plan

  • Lake Bay Great Room

    The dining area could accomodate 8 to 10 guests, with 6 to 8 at the breakfast bar, and three couch areas, seating for up to 26 is possible.

  • Lake Bay Great Room

    Nearly all seats have a clear view to the 42" wall television and fireplace. Note the triangular shaped built-in seat by the foyer(toward the right / rear side. The focal point of this massive room is the story and a half rear wall of windows.

  • Lake Bay Great Room

    This view from the great room shows the kitchen's breakfast bar has enough room for 7 stools. Archetectual details include furniture-styled cabinets, a curved countertop, and triangular shaped decoration shelf.

  • Lake Bay

    The Lake Bay's built-in computer desk alcove is 7' long. This semi-private area views to the telelvision. Note the telelvision's electronics alcove.

  • Lake Bay Master Bedroom

    The Lake Bay's Master Bedroom has a wonderful triangular shape and a private entry foyer to allow one spouse to sleep while the other uses the walk-in closet and bathroom.


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