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  • The front façade of the HYBRID Wonder Home in Richfield's Reflection's Village. Every aspect of this ornate exterior was crafted to look unlike anything built beyond the early 1900's. Note the gas lanterns, hand carved porch railings and multi-pieced-layered window surrounds. The curved arched peaks became a signature shape for this home that you will see repeated throughout the home.

  • If you look carefully at night into the upper dormer windows, you will see how no detail was sparred. False room interiors, complete with wall pictures and table lamps were added to create ambiance to these faux windows. The overhang sofit areas were also re-creating a paneled-style sofit instead of common wood or aluminum strip sofits.

  • The HYBRID Wonder Home's 3-Season front porch with unique wind-wall technology creates a wall of wind to keep temperatures in and to keep small insects out. Note the in-wall television behind the window (55 inch flat screen) to the left and the heating fireplace on the right.

  • The 3-Season front porch second view showing the heated tile floor and beamed ceiling. The 11x20 foot size connects seamlessly to the great room through the simulated divided lite Pella French doors. Note the pinstripe gold edge detail around the porch opening. Did you notice the arch-peak theme carried into even the light mounting blocks?

  • One last view of the front porch that shows the wind-wall machines. Not shown is a wheelchair/easy-access sloped concrete ramp that is neatly hidden into the front of the home, allowing no-steps up to the porch area. The porch wall design allows wind to only enter from one direction.

  • The side of the HYBRID Wonder Home is as beautiful as the front. Here you can see Miracle's newest backyard which creates privacy using outdoor "walls". Even on tight neighboring lots, these outdoor "walls" create perfect privacy. Note how the upper deck railings angle down. This Miracle innovation keeps the deck railings form blocking the Great Room (and deck seating) view.

  • The HYBRID Wonder Home attempts to suggest outdoor "rooms" instead of just an outdoor patio. The "cabana" on the left is a private vacation-style get-away with bedroom and compact full bath. The sunken patio dining area is another Miracle invention. This "flooding patio" can be filled with hot or cold water and to heights of 14 to 16 inches. There is a tranquil fountain in the far right corner. The patio water can be filled or drained in minutes. Note the center stage can be used for live music or outdoor movies to be projected onto. The mural banners can be removed to create open outdoor "windows". Banners can be changed for seasonal display. An outdoor kitchen is off-camera to the far right.

  • Entering the 13 foot tall Great Room of the HYBRID Wonder Home. Note the inset paneled ceiling beams and 2-tone Tiger-wood ¾ inch thick floors. Just beyond the rear window wall, the roof of the home extends to cover much of the backyard "rooms".

  • A reverse view of the Great Room. Note the lighted window display on the top right. Ribbed glass on the pantry door provides light and privacy.

  • The HYBRID Wonder Home can accommodate conventional furnishings but Tom Hignite often designs unique furniture for Miracle's most spectacular homes. This one-of-a-kind curved table seats an unusual 9 chair grouping. The shape matched the contours of the room.

  • A Reverse view of the Great Room shows just a hint of our 2-ton wood floor design. It may be difficult to see, but look closer to the right of the wood floor (in Kitchen) and you will see a flowing curved wood floor color separation line. The entire floor was re-done after these photographs to better define the 2-tone flooring. The ¾ inch thick hardwood is Tiger Wood (really).

  • The vertical Kitchen photo shows off our 2-tone countertops. The exotic stone-look countertops are actually a newer category of DuPont® Corian™. It is called the "private collection" and, just like natural stone, no 2 pieces of this Corian are alike. This material was also used on the curved custom table. Contact Midwest Tops (Milwaukee) for details.

  • A closer vertical view of the Kitchen countertops. Note the flowing front edge of the sink area. These base cabinets were positioned to "push" the sink area into the 2 side cabinets to enhance this curved front.

  • Unique ribbed glass was used on the Kitchen pantry door as well as throughout areas of the home. This heavy glass provides semi-privacy. You can see the 2upper round-top cabinets which are lighted from inside. The full depth refrigerator is set back to be flush to the counter fronts, thanks to a refrigerator wall alcove.

  • Another Miracle invention is introduced in the kitchen cabinetry. The wall cabinets are set completely into the walls, which allows for them to be lowered to the countertop backsplash. Lowering these 42 inch high wall cabinets make reaching shelves easier. The cabinet shelves enjoy an easier-access roll-out system.

  • The wide fireplace with long, curved mantle, a lighted built-in décor cabinet carry the unique flavor of the décor. Watch the 2 art panels above the mantle, then click onto the next photo gallery image to see these panels slide open.

  • Sliding the art panels open over the fireplace reveals space enough for a 52 inch flat television. The wiring for the components is run to a media storage closet near the dining area.

  • A view of the sizable Master Suite. Most notable in this area is Miracle's innovation of "doorless rooms". Designer Tom Hignite had noticed how theatre rest rooms rarely had doors. They accomplish privacy by using walls and "blind corners". In much the same way, this Master has no doors on its two huge walk-in closets or its bathroom entry. Also note Miracle's unique room-to-room windows (on either side of the bed) which passes sunlight into the sink and shower areas.

  • A vertical photo of the entry into the Master Suite's bathroom. The sink counter to the right is lower than the counter to the left. The huge 9 foot long doorless shower has space for 2, with 2 shower heads (not shown). Note how the shower floor was sunken and sloped to be barrier free. There is a bookcase Library (not shown) on the right wall, across from the toilet.

  • The same photo view of the Master Bath shows the hidden 3-panel pocket door. This provides toilet privacy. Note the under-counter night lighting.

  • The "story-tellers bedroom" is actually 2 11x14 bedrooms in which the dividing wall was removed. This created a master sized suite with a sunken curved couch area with a built-in curved lounge table. There is a double bed (foreground) built into the flowing furnishings. Note the curved red cushion built into the footboard.

    The ceiling has an inset monorail track passing by various Disneyland cut-outs. The room's centerpiece is a triple screen multi-media production telling a story of the Miracle HomeBuilders' creative mascot, Miracle Mouse. Watch the room lights automatically dim and strobes synchronize to the thunder storm scene. A Miracle custom production!

  • The ultimate Rec Room for family gatherings is Miracle's masterpiece, "club Wonder". In this night club, the room may start out in one color but every 8 minutes the entire room seems to change colors. This is Miracle's own innovation of an in-home "I-Max®" they call a Tri-screen Theatre. Three, 10 foot projection screens literally wrap images around you! As colors change, so does the music (played on speakers in concert to an on-site Baby Grand player piano), and even the smells, thanks to hidden smellizer machines. A virtual experience that puts you "into" the action.

  • As "Club Wonder's" color changes to reds, suddenly the Tri-screen takes you onto main street Disneyland!

  • During Club Wonder's red scenes, the Tri-screen changes to an action scene of a Disneyworld roller coaster. Hold onto your imagination!

  • As "Club Wonder" colors change to green, you are now on a walking path at historical "Holy Hill". The smells of green pine forest enter the air.

  • "Club Wonder" changes its colors to purple and the Tri-screen image of Milwaukee's Art Museum as it spreads its architectural wings. The music is a recorded violin playing a duet with the live Baby Grand piano. This creates a mood of high sophistication.

  • A final angle view of "Club Wonder's" semi-circular bar reveals the behind bar serving area to be sunken 4 feet below the main floor. This unique layout allows the bartender to step-up to serve the counter seated guests but not block the Tri-screens by walking in front of the projected images. A whole kitchen can be seen below.

    This 8 seat bar uses all traditional height chairs and the booth/table is built-up a step to see over the bar guests. Don't miss seeing the only room of its kind in the world.. Club Wonder!

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