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Miracle HomeBuilders - Photo Gallery


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  • T2550 Estate Exterior

    Created for the 2011, Miracle Tour of Homes, this elegant tall exterior can be optioned onto a standard Dream Series T2500, or onto the upgraded T2550. Details to note are the hipped roof, the side-entry garage, the massive cedar boxed-pillars, and mansion-like white color scheme. The small retaining wall on the right was poured into the basement walls. This allows the right side of the home to have windows in the basement.

  • T2550 Estate Exterior

    In this medium distance shot, you can appreciate how the sidewalk starts at a very wide 6 feet of width, then divides itself into two 3 foot widths as it circles the fountain garden. The sidewalk again becomes 6 feet wide as it approaches the home and transitions into a 10 foot wide mini-patio. This acts as a bench area for approaching guests or for enjoying a sitting view of the fountain.

  • T2550 Estate Exterior

    Close up. The contrasting shapes of the triangles (main roof, over windows), squares (window panes), rectangles (pillars, door) and circles (fountain, sidewalk), create a gorgeous collage of architectural interest. This would make a great brochure cover.

  • Looking up the Grand Staircase of the T2550

    Tom Hignite's attempt to build a new twist on a very traditional concept, started with tossing out the notion of wood or iron spindles. The staircases staggered design is 4'6" wide at the bottom 2 stairs, then 4'3" for the next 2 stairs, the 4' for the remainder. The unique idea sets a tone for the whole house as this stagger effect will be repeated in other methods in other rooms. The rich looking stair walls were built using multi-layered drywall techniques and sanded smooth, glossy drywall finishes. The inset panels were contrasted, using textured drywall (knock down) and flatter paint sheens. Also, notable is the multi-level drywall built 7'x 9' picture frame wall at top of stairs and transom window built over the door going into the master suite. The front room on the right shows off the wide double crowne molding accents.

  • Another view of the T2550 Foyer and Staircase

    Notable here is the stagger transition between hardwood and ceramic tiled floors. The transom window above the main door entry was brought entirely to the ceiling flush.

  • The T2550 Kitchen

    The kitchen features Merrilat's higher-end chiffon colored cabinets with a chocolate glazing to highlight the grooved detailing. Dark chocolate colored cabinets were mixed into the island and stove areas for dramatic contrast. This "Black and White" was enhanced with a speckled black and white granite counter choice. The general motif of the home was to use "staggering" instead of curves or angles. In the kitchen, the countertops and island (topsand cabinets) were jogged in and out to create this stagger effect. Note the two-toned wood floors are subtle color variations and staggered, as is the valance over the sink. To create a sense of intimacy, the kitchen has low 7' sofits surrounding the ceiling. Note how these are sanded smooth and painted semi-gloss to blend into the smooth cabinetry. The wall cabinets are all taller 36-inch heights, but they have been sunken into the walls to allow them to be positioned much closer to the countertops.

  • The T2550 Great Room

    The large 15'5"x19' Great room of the T2550 features 4 television monitors. The main 55 inch television to the right of the fireplace features a "floating" effect with the attachment device being built with lights behind the television. The two 26 inch televisions on the right and the 42 inch television on the left are set to normally be showing photo replications of fine classic art. The ornate picture frames around them make them appear to be back lighted fine art prints that change every few minutes. You could show hundreds of family photos on these that are constantly changing. In the event that someone wants to watch a different show (or play a video game) than is being viewed on the main television, a set of wireless headphones can be worn and viewed onto the 42 inch screen. Intimacy is enhanced by creating couch alcoves with lower ceilings. A custom look is attained by building-in the 2 (left and right) end tables with built-in drawers (not seen here). A new Miracle light effect was introduced here by using vertical track (LED) lights built into the walls. They are seen here lighting the knight statue (left) and hall (right of main television). This room is uniquely opened to the formal front room via that (lighted) hall and cut away wall over the lamp on right foreground.

  • T2550 Master Bedroom

    The T2550 Master Bedroom (show here with spinning ceiling fan) features Miracle HomeBuilders unique doorless closet. This 17'6"x12'6" (plus larger angled entry foyer) feels even larger because the vaulted ceiling soars over the closet area. That is due to the doorless closet's walls not touching the ceiling. The top of this closet wall has a massive crowne mantle top for décor. Also note the mini-inset tray edge on the ceiling perimeter. This is built using a double layer of drywall around the ceiling edges.

  • T2550 Children's Bedroom

    This T2550 children's bedroom has a fanciful double mattress, double bunk bed. Miracle designed and built-in the bed structure with a built-in desk on one side, and a built-in dresser on the other. Deep drawers utilize the space below the mattress for large drawers. Part of the beside wall was angled inward to suit built-in tubular ladder rungs. The general motif was subdued pinks and purple with simple peaked house shapes extending from floor to (nearly) the ceiling. These house shaped built-outs were used in the headboard, around the windows, closet door entrance and even a wall television area. Many of these shapes were done using multi-level (stacked) drywall shapes.

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