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The following article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Great roof venting is not a required code item. This article shows what we at Miracle HomeBuilders have stressed to our clients. When building a new home, we suggest continuous (not square mushroom style) roof venting on both the roof peak and at each and every roof truss space. That means soffit vents every 24 inches, not every 48 as is normal.

A well-vented attic insulates your wallet

By Edward R. Lipinski
New York Times News Service

Good attic ventilation is important because it helps to dissipate excess heat in the summer, making it easier to cool the house and lowering energy costs.

In the winter, a well-ventilated attic expels water vapor that would otherwise condense in the insulation. Proper ventilation also maintains a cold roof in the winter and prevents the formation of troublesome ice dams.

Unfortunately, the value of good attic ventilation has been recognized only within the last few years, so most homes, even relatively new ones, may not have good ventilation.

Most homeowners assume that a few vents through the roof will be enough to keep the air circulating, but these may not be enough.

To tell if your attic is ventilated properly, first look for these signs: In the summer, hot air and high temperatures in the attic are indications that the air is stagnating and the space needs to be vented. Hold your hand near the vents. You may actually be able to feel a slight breeze - an indication that the vents are pulling air outside. In the winter, look carefully to see if moisture is condensing on the framing members or on the insulation. This will happen when the attic temperature is low and there is little air

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